Sometimes you just need to give yourself pep talks, like “Hello. You’re a badass woman, don’t be sad. You’ve got this, and I love you.”


I’ll keep this short and sweet…

Today was one of those days….a bad day. I felt ill-equipped for the day, not good enough and just felt like I was over the day the second I got out of bed. Today was a day when everything and nothing seemed like the straw that broke my back and made me want to cave and retreat to my bed.

Everyone experiences days like these, where it seems like the world just wants to roll over you. So instead of beating yourself up for having a bad day and telling yourself that you shouldn’t feel the way you do, treat yourself with compassion and self-love because your mental health is the center of your well-being. Therefore, regardless of which uncomfortable emotions you are facing in your day, simply just sit with those feelings until they pass. Don’t try to avoid it. Don’t try to pretend like it’s not happening. Acknowledge it; acknowledge that you are struggling and going through a hard time. I promise it will pass because nothing is permanent.

You see, it’s okay not to be okay all the time. When you feel defeated, remember that bad days don’t define you because after all, you’ve beaten all of them so far. Embrace the sunrise at the start of every day, and just remember that at the end of every day, good or bad, there is a sunset.

Tomorrow is a new day.

It’s just a bad day, not a bad life.


PS. If all else fails when you’re having bad day, remember that there is a puppy yawning somewhere.


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