If there was such a thing as time travel or an alternative reality where you and your past self could meet, what advice would you give to your younger self?

Dear Younger Self,

June 30th marked a quarter of a century here on earth. Another birthday. Another year older.

As time passes, we will realize that the more we’re exposed to in this world, the more we realize how little we know or understand. I’m still learning how to navigate my twenties, and that’s okay because we never really stop learning how to navigate life. That said, I have a few things I have come to learn along the way. Please take what’s useful from this advice and leave behind what is not.

  1. HE loves you more than you will ever know. You will never waste any moment you spend on getting to know Jesus better.
  2. Life is good. Not always, but mostly. And when it is not so good, be assured that it will get better.
  3. You are on a journey, which means things will change. Even important things will change, sometimes shockingly. But it’s nevertheless a good journey, that’s worth every step.
  4. Don’t settle. Don’t spend time on things that aren’t adding value to your life. You are not mediocre, so don’t live like you are.
  5. Forgive. Forgive. And forgive again. Don’t ruin your present by holding on to the past. You may not forget, by forgive others by extending grace. And remember to forgive yourself.
  6. Embrace love. When you can be comfortable doing nothing with someone, try to keep them around. It is a rare and wondrous thing to be in relationship, so make every effort to preserve, improve and deepen it.
  7. Listen to your mother. She knows more than you think.
  8. You are more than just a number. Don’t look at the scale, test score or paycheck. Look at your heart, and know who you are and what you are worth.
  9. Crying doesn’t make you weak; it makes you human. However your sadness manifests itself, it doesn’t lessen your strength, independence or capability.
  10. There is no off switch when it comes to your emotions. Be vulnerable, and ride the waves.
  11. Love fully, love beautifully. If you love something – love it with everything you have. Wholeheartedly.
  12. Some questions and prayers will go unanswered for what seems like an eternity, but that’s only in your mind. Maybe what seems like no answer, may be an answer in itself.
  13. Learn to let things just be, despite how keen and curious you might be. Sometimes you just need to ponder upon things you already know and find your answers there.
  14. Don’t compare yourself to others. Their life is not your life, and you don’t want it to be. Be true to yourself and your own experiences. Accept yourself as God made you.
  15. Be kind to everyone you meet because everyone, including yourself, is fighting some type of battle.
  16. Say “I love you” more to everyone you care about. You never know when they will leave.
  17. It’s okay to crave alone time. To live fully, you have to be independent and strong-willed that even if you are left all on your own sometimes, you CAN and you WILL.
  18. Be honest. It may mean difficult talks and awkward confrontations, but it also means better relationships with others and yourself.
  19. Everyone has different viewpoints. It is okay to disagree, and it is important to show respect.
  20. Value human relations, but once they end, do not let it dampen your spirits. When people walk out of your life, rest in the fact that God is closing doors for specific reasons.
  21. Your time is the most valuable asset you can offer. Cherish your relationships, and make sure to nurture them throughout the years.
  22. Cut yourself some slack, you’re doing the best you can. There is no such thing as “perfect.”
  23. Be curious. Try new things, and strive for something that stretches you.
  24. Don’t be so gullible. Trust, but verify — with independent and objective sources, not mouthpieces for particular viewpoints or axes to grind.
  25. It’s okay to be YOU. Be proud of your story because you are the only one that gets to live it. You are worth it, my love. Don’t let anyone else make you believe you’re not.

I don’t want to tell you too much because it’s important that you learn for yourself. Just remember, most people don’t know what they’re doing, and that’s okay. Just know that you are HIS wonderful masterpiece that isn’t even finished yet. Let the true you – the flawed, the messy, the excitable, the uncomfortable, the inner and outer you – spread like wildfire.

So long, till you catch up with me.

Your Older, Still Learning Self


What advice would you give to your younger self? Comment below. 

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