“What is most important to me must be spoken, made verbal and shared, even at the risk of having it bruised or misunderstood.” ― Audre Lorde

My last blog, which you can read HERE, talked about timing – the small 6 letter word that plays such a drastic role in our lives. When thinking about timing, I’m reminded to let my emotions wash through me and speak up.

Speak to the world. Speak to what has a hold on your head, heart and soul. Release your hopes, fears and ideas that are rolling around the corners of your mind. You were given a voice to use, not to remain silent. So say what makes your heart ache and what makes your eyes light up because you never know when it will be too late. And being too late is an awful feeling.

However, speaking up is hard to do, even when you know it’s necessary. We tend to hide our feelings behind one word answers, willing others to read between imaginary, moving lines. Likewise, we use our silence as shields, creating barriers between us and the real world. But don’t be afraid of what people will say or if people will disagree. You are entitled to your own feelings, thoughts, convictions, beliefs and words. They are valid, just like you.

So say no to being silent in times that matter, and say yes to standing up for yourself even if you stand alone. Say yes to taking chances when the only obstacle you face is fear, and say yes to change, even if it terrifies you.

Now is the time to speak up and offer your two cents because you never know what effect your words could potentially have until you speak them to life, bold and strong.

Here are 10 times I encourage you to use your voice and speak up:

  1. When you love someone, speak up.
  2. When you feel strongly about something, speak up.
  3. When you witness injustice, speak up.
  4. When you see someone hurting, speak up.
  5. When something is bothering you, speak up.
  6. When you feel like you can’t cope, speak up.
  7. When you disagree with something, speak up.
  8. When you have a question, speak up.
  9. When you have an answer, speak up.
  10. When you have good news to share, speak up.

Even if your words fall on deaf ears, it’s infinitely better to take a chance and speak up than to wonder what if for the rest of your days. And let me tell you, this is easier said than done, but I promise I’m working on it.


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